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Plant ES Natives Campaign

Plant ES Natives

Whether you want to put in a flower garden or establish or restore the landscape around your home, there are a great variety of Eastern Shore native plants from which to choose!

And you will have made the right choice!

Native plants not only offer many practical, low cost, and environmental benefits they also offer an appealing display of foliage and flowers! Check out the ES Native Plant Guide or the Plant ES Natives Campaign. Visitors can now learn all about the Campaigns at!

ES Native Plants Demonstration Garden Final Report – Wachapreague Seaside Park

Shore Big Trees

The Shore Big Trees program was conceived as an idea to plant the next locally famous big trees within the lifetime of the existing ancient trees on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Curtis Smith, Director of Planning, often reflected on the sycamore dating from the American Revolution that still lives on Back Street in the Town of Accomac. These beautiful big trees won’t always be with us but other big trees can.

The Shore Big Trees program was launched as part of the Plant ES Natives campaign and has received funding from Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program. This includies the tree markers in Accomac and in Wachapreague, where the Water Oak was dedicated as part of a Campaign celebration!

Curtis Smith obtained native plant recommendations from Dot Field, Department of Conservation and Recreation, and Elaine Meil, Executive Director, sourced and planted a white oak grown on the Eastern Shore. On September 12, 2014, a white oak was dedicated on the A-NPDC property, just around the corner from the ancient sycamore, and is now marked with a stone indicating the history of the planting. During the Exmore Annual Earth Day event in the Exmore Town Park, there were several Big Trees planted in 2016 and native honeysuckle trellised in 2017.

Shore Big Trees – Oct 4 2014 ESNews

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