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Ground Water Award Program

The Eastern Shore of Virginia is dependent on ground water as its only source of fresh water but, without appropriate planning and management, this important resource could easily be irreversibly damaged. Federal, State, and Local governments as well as private citizens on the Eastern Shore are working to protect and preserve the ground water, not only for today’s users, but also for future generations.

The Eastern Shore of Virginia Ground Water Committee established the Ground Water Award Program in 2004 to publicize local projects, individuals, and entities whose decisions in water resource use are responsible and sustainable. A short Ground Water Award Nomination Application form can be used for either self nomination or to nominate another person/entity. It provides for identification and documentation of the water resource benefit, such as:

  • Water Conservation
  • Recharge Area Protection / Preservation
  • Aquifer Preservation
  • Recycling / Reuse
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Public Education and Community Outreach

Email completed form to [email protected]. Approval of final Award Applications will be made by Ground Water Committee. Awards will be presented at the Ground Water Committee annual meeting.

Ground Water Committee Staff will provide assistance to individuals wishing to apply for an award.

2017 Award Recipient

Mr. John Lauer, the Regulatory Compliance Specialist for Accomack County,  was honored during the February meeting of the Accomack County Board of Supervisors with the 2017 Ground Water Award. 

The Eastern Shore of Virginia Ground Water Committee established the Ground Water Award Program in 2004 to publicize local projects, individuals, and entities working towards water conservation, recharge area protection/preservation, aquifer preservation, recycling/reuse of water, pollution prevention and public education/community outreach. Mr. Lauer  was given the award due to his “…his exemplary management of the Northern Landfill. His attention to detail and dedication to running the operations appropriately protects our environment and allows recharge of our sole source aquifer system.” As stated by Mr. Paul Muhly, Ground Water Committee Chairman (at the time of the award) and Accomack County Supervisor.

In April of 2016, Mr. Lauer and Mr. Hall, Deputy Administrator of Public Works and Facilities, offered A-NPDC staff and Chairman Muhly an informative tour of the Northern Landfill leachate treatment area and thorough explanation of operations. The details and dedication revealed by Mr. Lauer onsite at the location in Atlantic impressed them and contributed to his nomination as the 2017 Ground Water Award recipient.
“Ensuring sufficient recharge to our aquifer system is vital to ensure the long-term viability of our precious water supply. Knowing that Mr. Lauer goes above and beyond to insure the proper hydraulic loading rate ensures that the spray is treated by the vegetation and soil and enters the groundwater system, rather than running off into adjacent surface waters,” said Shannon Alexander, Coastal Resources Program Manager for the Accomack-Northampton Planning District Commission and Ground Water Committee staff.

Previous Award Recipients
  • 2017 – Mr. John Lauer, Accomack County Regulatory Compliance Specialist
  • 2016 – Commonwealth Chesapeake Company, LLC
  •  2015 – Home – Fitchett Farms
  •  2014 – Waste Watchers of the Eastern Shore
  •  2013 – ES Rural Health Onley Community Health Center
  •  2012 – Town of Cape Charles Wastewater Treatment Plant
  •  2011 – Cherrystone Campground and Aqua-Farms
  •  2010 – Walmart Supercenter of Onley
  •  2009 – Robin Rinaca, Eastern Shore Nursery of Virginia
  •  2008 – Chuck Tankard, Tankard Farms
  •  2007 – William Neal, Hermitage Farms Nursery
  •  2006 – Richard Davis, Ivy Farm Nursery
  • 2005 – Jane Corson-Lassiter, ES Environmental Education Council
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