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About A-NRHA

Accepting Applications for Septic Pumpout, Repair, Replacement Program!

The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VDEQ) has offered the A-NPDC funds to take action to improve the Chesapeake Bay Watershed in Accomack County, Northampton County, and on the EPA approved Water Quality Implementation Plan for the Gulf, Barlow, Mattawoman, Jacobus, and Hungars Creeks, which have bacterial levels exceeding recommended levels. See map below to determine if your home is in the project area, if so, depending upon income and other eligibility factors, you or your landlord could qualify for up to 100% aid to have the onsite septic system on this property pumped, repaired, or (if deemed necessary) replaced. If you are interested in this service, please complete (or request your landlord complete) the included application and return with all required forms/documentation via post, email ([email protected]), or in-person as soon as possible – funds are limited! The application packet can be downloaded by clicking here.

We strongly encourage you to call and allow us to check your eligibility based on geographic location and income. There are multiple programs, and we hope that you’ll be eligible for at least one!

The Chesapeake Bay watershed-wide program is for pumpout services only and only owner occupied homes with a combined income of less than about <80% of the median income (so less than about $40,000) are eligible. The more geographically limited program includes only certain areas in the Bay watershed in Northampton County, specifically the watersheds for Hungars Creek, Jacobus Creek, Mattawoman Creek, Barlow Creek, The Gulf, and just added Kings Creek. Properties can be second homes, rentals, or owner-occupied. The amount of cost-share assistance provided is income based on a sliding scale, but if the applicant’s income is >120% of the median County income for Northampton (so greater than about $70,000), then they are still eligible, do not need to provide income justification and receive a 50% cost share. Beyond a pump out and inspection, properties in this area can also apply for repair work and even replacement of an entire system if deemed necessary by the inspector and approved by the local health district.

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