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Rental Assistance FAQs

The first step is to check the status of the Waiting List for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program and/or the Project Based Properties. If the Waiting List is closed, you cannot apply for the program. If the Waiting List is open, applications will be available at 23372 Front Street, Accomac, Virginia and must be completed and returned along with any required information before the published closing of the Waiting List. Incomplete applications are rejected and no complete applications are accepted after a Waiting List officially closes. There is no schedule to open any Waiting List. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requires all persons to be pulled from the waiting list and offered a voucher prior to opening a new Waiting List. This does not happen on a regular schedule.

Interim Form along with all required supporting documents MUST be completed for all of the following:

  • Change of wages/New job – Must provide two (2) recent consecutive pay stubs.
  • Loss of Job – Must provide written verification from your employer of your last day of employment. Letter/form must be signed by a supervisor and be on company letterhead.
  • Change in child support – Must provide a 12-month printout of child support received. If the case is closed, you must provide documentation from the court for us to be able to remove it.
  • Add a household member – Adding a household member is different depending on whether the household member is an adult or child. A special interim packet is required.

Interim forms and special packets can be obtained by calling 757.787.2800 or picking one up at 23372 Front Street, Accomac, Virginia.

A change of address must be submitted in writing.  The form is available in the office and can be mailed (PO Box 387, Accomac, Virginia 23301), faxed (757.787.4221) or dropped off at our offices at 23372 Front Street, Accomac, Virginia.  See attached form   No changes will be taken over the phone.

  • Local Moves – Provide a written notice to your landlord. The minimum number of days required for the notice is set by your landlord and provided in your lease.  Have your landlord sign the notice.  Provide our office with a copy. Once the landlord has verified in writing you are leaving in “good standings” (ie.  Owe no back rent or have no tenant caused damages that exceed the security deposit) a voucher will be issued to you.  Updated income information may be needed as well.
  • Port Outs – Follow the “Local Moves” steps above. Once the voucher is issued, you will be able to complete a “Family Portability Request Form”.  Note that all income must be updated. Porting Out is subject to available funds.  Receiving PHA’s “absorbing/billing” status may be a factor. Link to HUD/PHAs :
  • Port Ins – Please contact Bobbie Jo Wert, Community Development Coordinator at [email protected] for more information.
  • Evictions – Our Administrative Policy states:

“The PHA will terminate assistance whenever a family is evicted from a unit assisted under the HCV program for a serious or repeated violation of the lease.  A family will be considered evicted if the family moves after a legal eviction order has been issued, whether or not physical enforcement of the order was necessary.

If a family moves after the owner has given the family an eviction notice for serious or repeated lease violations but before a legal eviction order has been issued, termination of assistance is not mandatory. However, the PHA will determine whether the family has committed serious or repeated violations of the lease based on available evidence and may terminate assistance or take any of the alternative measures.

In order to be considered for continued assistance, you must satisfy any causes for eviction and move from the unit prior to the landlord filing in court for eviction.  You must leave the unit clean and in good condition.  If these conditions are not met, your assistance will be terminated.

Eligibility/Briefing Appointment for New Admissions – An eligibility packet will be mailed to you prior to your appointment.  You need to bring your completed packet along with all supporting documentation.  All household members, income and assets must be identified at this appointment.  The head of household and any member who is 18 years old or older must attend the meeting.  You will need to bring photo identification, social security cards, birth certificates and court ordered custody papers if applicable.  We MUST verify all income and assets.  Providing supporting documentation is required.  For example; 2 recent and consecutive pay stubs, TANF award letter, SNAP award letter, 12 month printout of child support payments, written statement for non-wage income, Self-employment statement, 3 months of bank statements, insurance policies, 401k cash value, etc.

Annual Reexamination – Your annual packet will be mailed to you prior to your appointment.  You must bring your completed packet along with all supporting documentation.  All household income and assets must be renewed every year and new documentation must be provided.  For example; 2 recent and consecutive pay stubs, TANF award letter, 12 month printout of child support payments, bank statements, insurance policies, 401k cash value, etc.

Voucher Policy/Extension  (See how to use my voucher)

Voucher Term [24 CFR 982.303]

The initial voucher term will be 60 calendar days.

The family must submit a Request for Tenancy Approval and proposed lease within the 60-day period unless the PHA grants an extension.

Extensions of Voucher Term [24 CFR 982.303(b)]

The PHA will automatically approve one 30-day extension upon written request from the family.

A maximum of two 30-day extensions to the initial 60 day voucher will be generated providing the family meets one of the conditions above.

Suspensions of Voucher Term [24 CFR 982.303(c)]

When a Request for Tenancy Approval and proposed lease is received by the PHA, the term of the voucher will be suspended while the PHA processes the request.

Expiration of Voucher Term

If an applicant family’s voucher term or extension expires before the family has submitted a Request for Tenancy Approval (RTA), the PHA will require the family to reapply for assistance. If an RTA that was submitted prior to the expiration date of the voucher is subsequently disapproved by the PHA (after the voucher term has expired), the family will be given back the time lost while the RTA was in review. The family may be eligible for an extension based on the policy above.

Project Based Voucher Rental Assistance

  • Accomack Manor (55 or Older Only)   (757) 665-5848
  • Crispus Attucks Apartments  (757) 442-4173
  • Mill Run Apartments  (757) 442-3436
  • Sawmill Apartments  (757) 442-4661

Other Possible Housing Options:

  • Onancock Square Apartments        (757) 787-7213
  • Williams Hughes Apartments         (757) 678-5383
  • Pine Street Apartments              (757) 787-4753
  • Exmore Village I & II                (757) 442-9471
  • Peter Cartwright                    (757) 414-0020
  • Accomack Senior Village             (757) 787-7726
  • Sea Breeze Apartments               (757) 331-4011
  • Bayview Heritage Gardens           (757) 331-4606
  • New Road Village                   (757) 442-4173
  • AP Freedom Apartments             (757) 442-4235
  • Dogwood View Apartments           (757) 442-5754
  • Eastern Shore ARC House            (757) 442-7731
  • Heritage Acres Apartments           (757) 331-4148
  • Culls Woods Apartments             (757) 331-4606
  • Virginia Street                      (757) 787-4753
  • Sunnyside Village                    (757) 331-2627
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