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Assistance for Homeowners Without Plumbing

Assistance is available to eligible homeowners who need repairs and installation of indoor plumbing on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Applications are available yearround at our offices at 23372 Front Street, Accomac, Virginia.

You must own your home or have, at a minimum, life rights to your home. Rental homes are not eligible for this assistance. Other eligibility requirements apply. The assistance received will be repairs and/or replacement and installation of the plumbing and the systems needed such as a septic system.

Southeast Rural Community Assistance Project also offers loans to low and moderate income persons who need to repair their water and septic systems.

The United States Department of Agriculture offers the Section 504 Single Family Housing Repair Loans & Grants program to low income persons.

The Indoor Plumbing Needs on the Eastern Shore of Virginia report was completed by the A-NPDC with funding from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation in November 2015.

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