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Household Hazardous Waste Collection this Saturday – May 6!

Saturday, May 6th from 10am to 2pm

Fishers Corner (Parksley), Painter, & Eastville Convenience Centers

First 50lbs of waste FREE to dispose! Only $1/lb. over!

Why participate? – household products containing toxic chemicals like pesticides, solvents, cleaning products, & weed killers can be a threat to people and the environment if improperly discarded. Never throw these materials into the trash as the toxic chemicals may harm sanitation workers, or result in fires in collection vehicles. It is also not safe to pour them into a sink, ditch, or storm drain as they can end up in the environment polluting the air, water, or soil.

Bring: Garden chemicals, Poisons, Fuel, Repellants, Fungicides, Paint remover, Epoxy, Asbestos, etc.

Do NOT Bring: Commercial waste, Car batteries, Motor oil, Empty containers, PCBs, Freon, Propane tanks, Medicines, etc.

For more information call or email Shannon at 787-2936 or [email protected]

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