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Hazard Mitigation Planning

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2021 Eastern Shore Hazard Mitigation Plan Rewrite Complete!

The Eastern Shore Hazard Mitigation Plan identifies policies and actions that can be taken over time to reduce losses from natural and hazards, as well as those created by –or helped along – by humans. These preventive actions protect our community – our friends, family, employees, neighbors, business owners, and their properties.  They reduce exposure to risk and curb financial losses. With support from the Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the A-NPDC is facilitating this process with localities, agencies, organizations, and stakeholders in our region.

2021 Eastern Shore of Virginia Hazard Mitigation Plan

2021 HMP Planning Process & Steering Committee

For those of you who missed the December 1st Eastern Shore Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan kick off meeting, a recording of the can be found here. The agenda here and the meeting summary here.

Hazard History Presentation

Regulatory Requirements & Planning Process Presentation

The Steering Committee is made up of representatives from Towns and Counties in the region. Members are responsible for evaluating data and scenarios, providing local expertise, identifying and prioritizing mitigation projects, and reviewing all drafted material. Meetings of the Steering Committee will be held on the third Tuesday of each Month from 2PM-4PM. The meetings are open to the public and will be held virtually until further notice (log in information below).

Past Eastern Shore Hazard Mitigation Plans

More HMP Background Information

We kicked off the public comment period with a public open house on December 1, 2016. Resources from the open house and the preceding Resilience Training can be found below.

FEMA requires the hazard mitigation plan to be updated every five years. Since there is substantially more data available that at the time of the last update (2011), we have elected to entirely re-write the plan, which is a two-year process. That means we need to start now to have the plans complete and fully adopted by February, 2017. A presentation from the Virginia Department of Emergency Management explaining more about regional hazard mitigation plans can be found here.

Local agencies that participate in creating the plan will be eligible for hazard mitigation grants. Those that don’t, will miss out. Accomack and Northampton Counties, along with the towns of Chincoteague, Tangier, Saxis, Bloxom, Parksley, Onley, Onancock, Melfa, Wachapreague, Keller, Exmore, Nassawadox, Cheriton, and Cape Charles are all participating

The Steering Committee consists of representatives participating counties and towns. Localities that do not adopt the plan will not be eligible for hazard mitigation funding, so steering committee members have voting privileges and have the final say in the plan’s content. However, the plan in developed in concert with a wide range of stakeholders, known as the Planning Council, who are invited to attend all meetings of the Steering Committee and receive the same information as the steering committee.

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